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Cotton Ranch

Metropolitan District

The purpose of the Cotton Ranch Metropolitan District is to supply raw water to all of Cotton Ranch for irrigation.  The Metro District maintains the main lines, pumps, irrigation ditches and other items necessary for the proper function of the irrigation system.  It also controls access to the main lines by new homeowners looking to tap in for their personal irrigation system.

Notice of 5/21/2024 Board Meeting


2024 Transparency Notice

2024 Raw Water Rates and Tap Fees

2024 Valley Floor Notice

2024 Sky Legend Notice


Metro raw water system update:

The Metro district operates and maintains the two pump houses in Cotton Ranch and Sky legend. Including operation of the metro main lines and first gate valve off the main line onto each property in the District. Metro also takes care of the diversions off Gypsum Creek and associated ditches. All water within Cotton Ranch and Sky Legend is shared with the Golf Course / Town of Gypsum. The irrigation raw water system is owned and operated by the Metro District and AMCOBI processes the billings sent to all constituents.


Upper pump house: Raw water Filter system installed on 3/2019 and is operating properly

Lower pump house: Raw water filter system installed 3/2020 and is operating properly

Ditches and Head gates:

Our Chatfield Bartholomew ditch flows by the middle school on Grundell Way and travels down Timberwolf and Whitetail , feeds Red Fox Ponds and empties into our west bar ditch. Our Grundell Brothers and AF Grundell ditch flows through holes # 3 and #4 on the golf course then empties into our west bar ditch which then fills pond #1 by our Lower Pump house.   The Metro Board is working with the Town of Gypsum on Chatfield Bartholomew lateral challenges due to some water loss in the ditch system. New Parshall Flume installed on Chatfield Bartholomew lateral 4/2021 and is operating properly. Metro and Town of Gypsum drained Pond #1 and replaced old Morning Glory vault and head gate 3/2021 and is operating properly  


Please make sure your Meter boxes are cleaned out for our Meter reader.

If you have questions regarding the use and operation of the Raw water irrigation system please contact the Metro District at 970-926-6060 extension #4


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Cotton Ranch Metro District

Calendar of Events

Provides architectural control for the community of Cotton Ranch and is responsible for reviewing and approving all new construction, renovations, and exterior improvements.

Master HOA for the valley floor and upper bench providing common area maintenance to the community.

A quasi-municipal corporation that finances the infrastructure of the Cotton Ranch Development, primarily irrigation.

Sitting on the upper bench of Cotton Ranch, Sky Legend HOA is responsible for the maintenance of limited common elements. It also is responsible for some infrastructure not owned by the town of Gypsum.

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